When it comes to the history of Latin dance development in China, Wuhan can be considered the holy land of Latin dance in the central region of China. In this city with a deep historical heritage, the passion and exuberance of the ancient Chu people flow through the veins of its residents. They dance to the sound of elegant music, expressing their souls in the realm of freedom. This pursuit of art and freedom undoubtedly aligns perfectly with the essence of Latin dance. Fiona, having grown up in such a dance-rich environment, started learning Latin dance at the age of 5 and achieved the first place in the amateur F group at the inaugural National Youth Sports Dance Competition at the age of 7. In 2011, Fiona embarked on her study abroad journey in Melbourne, but she never forgot her love for Latin dance and has been engaged in teaching Latin dance ever since.


  • Won the first place in the amateur E group at the 3rd National Youth Sports Dance Competition.
  • Won the first place in the amateur A group at the 18th China International Standard Dance Australia Cup National Competition.
  • Achieved the top prize in the amateur gold level group at the 2008 Central China Regional Open Competition for International Standard Dance.