On February 19th, exclusively titled by Wukong Chinese, and organized by the Australian Dance Alliance Association and the Australia Trade and Cultural Development Foundation, with DanceTop, the top dance alliance, as the host and co-organized by Juao Media, the finals of the first-ever Australia Battle Dance Competition were successfully held at the Box Hill City Hall! On that day, hundreds of spectators gathered at the finals venue to cheer and support their favorite dancers!

This competition was held with the belief of providing dancers with a dream stage. It aimed to bring together outstanding dancers to compete, showcase their dance skills, and give beginners the opportunity to step onto the stage for the first time and create unforgettable debut memories. The introduction of a thousand-dollar prize for individual categories in the Battle Dance Competition was an innovative first for dance competitions in Australia!

In this Battle Dance Competition, a total of 25 groups with 54 participants made it to the finals, including 6 groups in the Latin group category, 12 individuals in the street dance category, and 7 groups in the street dance group category. All the participants showcased extraordinary skills in the finals, delivering an unparalleled audiovisual feast to all the attendees at the event.